What OVERTURE| Miami brings to Art Basel Miami 2012

Between Biscayne and NW 2nd Avenue, Art Basel Miami 2012 is just around the corner. Much   to the delight of the vibrant art walks that occupy Miami all year round, the burgeoning Miami art scene and collectors alike, Art Basel is an explosion of expression where painters, musicians, writers and all practitioners who all channel their calling for creativity. Art Basel is a time of celebration and innovation within the community of artistry.

For a 3rd consecutive year, ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD will be taking part in these festivities with an all new redesigned and enhanced platform showcasing the contemporary art of the future while paying tribute to the cornerstone works and pieces from the days past. And what could be more fitting than the featured event “100 Warhols”? A curated selling exhibition highlighting the achievements of Mr. Andy Warhol—widely considered a pioneer and father of modern contemporary art.

Having surpassed the test of time through the hearth of the 20th century, the immortal image and spirit of the Warholian image lives on through today’s art. And what better way to celebrate it with an impressive selection of popular and exclusive pieces by the legendary artist through the brilliant backdrop of Art Basel Miami 2012? Looking back, looking around, and looking up how OVERTURE Miami aims to look ahead. Through impressive selections, ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD hopes that OVERTURE raises the bar.



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