About Angeliki Georgiou’s Contemporary Art Experience and what it brings to OVERTURE|Miami Art Basel 2012.

For its third appearancArt Basel Miami 2012, Contemporary Arte at the highly-anticipated international event we all know and love as Art Basel 2012. Arts for a Better World is presenting OVERTURE|Miami, an exhibition and ode to the origins of contemporary art with a balance of today’s art from the best in the up and coming. There’s a reason the whole world of art comes together for Art Basel, because it delivers every year. And this time around it’s proven to be no different with this year’s installment with the featured exhibition the 100 Warhols Exhibit highlighting the show.

Powered by Arts for A Better World and a multitude of philanthropic organizations from all walks, South Beach and beyond, the OVERTURE Show of Contemporary Art will be presented under the direction of Angeliki Georgiou. Coming off a mindblowing showing at last year’s Art Basel event with the ZOOM Contemporary Art Fair, OVERTURE|Miami promises to leave no stone unturned with showcases of the beautiful approaches spanning the past, present and the potential. Georgiou’s director skills and experience has proven to deliver substance and content that has added to the Art Basel environment every time.Contemporary Art, Scope Art Miami

With exclusive works from today’s artists and from the hands and heart of Andy Warhol himself, OVERTURE|Miami dances to the beat of a different drum. But isn’t that what Contemporary Art has been about? Come check out what Arts for A Better World has to offer, delivering a better Art Basel experience everytime.


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