What OVERTURE|Miami Means As a Tribute to the Warholian Spirit.

Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Miami 2012

In conjunction with Taglialatella Galleries and Arts for a Better World, the OVERTURE | Miami event promises to bring new perspectives to Art Basel Miami, through the enshrinement of the original tradition of contemporary art. Paying tribute to the man who started it all, there are seldom artists-especially in the modern sense who have mastered the art of standing out, and continue to stand out through works forever taking on the text of time.And what better tribute to the man, the legend and the artist that is Andy Warhol than an exhibition of popular and exclusive never-before-seen works by Warhol himself with a feature known as “100 Warhols” painting a new perspective of the past while passing the torch to the brilliance of today’s artists. An event entirely unprecedented in the history of Art Basel Miami as well as art fairs in general, this historical exhibition will showcase a variety of Warholian works spanning from his earliest of attempts all the way through his final paintings. The works of Warhol will be featured through six distinct themes: Flowers, Animals, Politics, Icons, Early Years and Late Years. With the exception of a few exclusive never-before-seen-to-the-public pieces, all works will be available for purchase.

Art Basel Miami, Contemporary Art

Dedicated to presenting new trends from around the world with a great and genuine interest in the developments as well as the arts from new geographies, OVERTURE | Miami is a new redesigned and enhanced international platform to enjoy the contemporary art of the tradition, the today and the tomorrow.


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