Art Galleries Miami Planning on a Jovial Art Jubilee for Art Basel

Since nearly the beginning of mankind, human beings have celebrated art in one form or another. Art has most certainly come a very long way since the primitive drawings in caves were first discovered. For the art protagonist, art galleries Miami have much to offer. And if you just can’t ever get enough art in to whet your creative mental pallet, there’s an art show of epic proportions coming your way this December called Art Basel Miami.

Art Galleries Miami

 2,000 Artists of the 20th Century

Imagine uncountable art galleries Miami, but at one convention and show. That’s what you will get with this show. More than 2,000 artists from hundreds of galleries around the world – and from plenty of art galleries Miami, too – will be on hand to showcase their works and creations of the 20th century and mingle with art lovers and collectors.

Four Days of Art Awesomeness

The event spans four days of creativity without pendency. During those four days, most visitors will have time to walk the entire length of the exhibits, of which there are countless planned. It presents a unique opportunity to be a part of the largest art show in North America.

Most Respected Art Dealers in World

Some of the most respected art dealers, curators and collectors in the world will be present at this show, including plenty who represent art galleries Miami. There will be more pieces of art for sale than ever before, and more artists will be directly on hand to speak with curators, collectors and fans of their form.


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