A Complete Guide to Get Moved

Need to move house or office?

As most people make the mistake of not hiring the movers and takes a lot of pain in moving their personnel on their own. A complete guide for choosing a perfect mover company.

A good professional mover takes full responsibility of the package till the delivery. Be wise and insure your items, to avoid any damage during the move. Most professional movers offer this option. There are many moving companies, but finding the right movers is necessary for the safety of your items. Here are some tips that will make your life easier on your moving day:

Storage Montreal

1. Schedule the dates you intend to move. Choose it so that your family members will be available that day to help you if needed.

2. Find out if the insurance is required for your valuables, and if yes, list the items for which insurance is required e.g. piano, paintings, antiques, etc..

3. Gather information about the list of movers available in your area. You can collect this information either by asking friends, neighbors, or browsing the internet.

4. Compare prices and services provided by each mover available. You can do this by asking your friends, or making phone calls to concerned movers.

5. After the list of pricing and services provided by the movers, discuss with your family and choose the mover suitable for you. Make sure the company you choose is a registered company.

6. Make sure you hire a moving company that offers good customer service. It can be a great idea to research on the internet about the moving company you plan to hire. In this way, you can see if customers have left comments on their services.

7. Negotiate the terms and details related to costs with the chosen mover. Avoid doing business with movers that need to be paid in cash and do not have insurance or a license to operate their service.

Move Office

When it comes to move offices, again movers can be your best friend here. When moving from one office to another, your priority will be saving time, as they say: “time is money”. All work must be performed in a relatively short period of time and with maximum care to avoid damage to furniture and office equipment. It’s not a big deal for modern businesses that provide moving and storage. Most moving companies undertake to complete the removal of a local office within one business day.




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