Hiring A Piano Mover Or Do It Yourself?

Have you chosen the moving company, which offers the piano moving, but confused with their moving cost. They could charge you a higher amount of money, but they are experts when it come to handle your piano using specialized equipment. However, when you move to Montreal, if you cannot afford to hire a piano mover then, read these tips to get an idea on how to move a piano safely.

First, it is advisable to measure the piano and all doors, stairs and other windings by, which it must be transported. Properly count the stairs before starting the descent with the piano. So going down, you can count the stairs as you get to know where you are in the descent. It can be very difficult to see the stairs when transporting a piano. Collect at least four people with a strong back to make the transportation of the piano. All movers should wear non-slip gloves for a better grip on the piano.

Piano Moving

It is also strongly recommended to hire equipment to help you moving your piano through a moving company in Montreal. Even if you buy specialized equipment, it is imperative to get it. You need to spend some money if you do not want your precious instrument may be damaged during transportation. Some of these facilities include a piano moving truck, a truck with a platform for piano and appropriate straps. Ask movers to provide you with everything necessary, including necessary equipment for packaging.

When moving the piano, the team must work in perfect harmony. There ought to be just the right balance in terms of balancing the piano. Be very careful not to shake the piano left to right and front to rear when carrying upwards and downwards.

If things seem very complicated and you hesitate to take these steps yourself, do not run the risk of Insureddamaging your precious instrument Hire a Piano Mover that has a insurance policy. Do not hire a company that has no insurance specifically designed for pianos. As with anything else, experience counts. Ask your moving company Montreal how long they are in business, they have such experience and are insured. Do your homework in advance to prepare for trouble-free transport.



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