Importance of Military Style Wardrobe for Men

The Military Style Wardrobe has been the source of inspiration for men over the years. Men have gotten more wardrobes from military style than any other style. The military style is one of that styles that can absorb every style starting from rough to sporty. This style can work at any condition from casual times to working and even while playing. Over the years many trends born and die down but military style trend has never suffered death. Army style goes everywhere starting from jackets, boots, caps, T shirts, hats, shades and other modern fashion elements.

Army Style Jackets

Army style jacket has been very popular fashion trend fromlong time. Many varieties of different fabrics are used in Army style jacket these days. Even Army style jackets come in different variety of cuts and fits. Basicallythere are four styles of army jackets, these are, the Bomber jacket, the Cargo jacket, the Majorette and the Pea jacket. For Military jackets, the general color options available are black, classic green, brown and navy blue.

Army jackets

Combat Boots

Earlier Combat boots were worn by military men but nowadays these are very common in civilians. These are famous for their fashion statement and also due to their functionality. These are used in extreme outdoor conditions as they can bear harsh wear and tear. These have dual functionality as they can be fashionable and at the same time keep the feet warm. These are extremely popular in men’s due to their comfort and style.

Combat boots

Army T-Shirt

No wonder the Army t-shirt has become immensely popular over the past decade or so. For men, Army T-shirt is always a matter of pride. If any of our loved once who is currently serving at Army duty, buying an army t-shirt is a great way of showing pride and support to them.

Army Pants

During the late 60’s and early 70’s, classic army pants became very trendy and popular. The classic army pants basically started the cargo pant trend. Today, we can find these type of pants in many stores locally and online.

Army Pants

Other Modern Army Fashion Elements

Other Army accessories include caps, hats, shades, skull caps, vests, Commando Sweaters, etc.


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