How to choose Perfect Earrings for you

Diamond Earring

Earrings are the most common & important accessories being carried on by females. It is a kind of accessory which if matched properly can make your dress or outfit standout and also give you a stunning look. It is a significant accessory that anyone can easily complement opt as per the latest fashion trends & complementing with the dress. But to give yourself a perfect look, choose earrings according to the shape of your face.

  • Oval shaped face– Women with oval shaped face can try any style of earrings as all types of earrings will go perfect with their face structure. Moreover, oval shaped diamond dangling earrings will give you an exceptional stunning & elegant look.

  • Round Shaped Face– Teardrop & small dangle earrings will go on the round shaped face. You can carry long & angular design earrings instead of round shaped. Large, round disc shaped danglers should be avoided as they will give wide look to your face. Women with a round face should chose thin or medium sized earrings.
  • Heart Shaped Face– Women with this type of face shape have to select their outfit & jewelery very carefully. Like, while selecting earrings do not choose any large or disc shaped danglers. Instead, you can select any medium or long thin chandelier earrings. This will highlight your cheek bone, eyes & jaw line more.

  • Square Shaped Face– Round designed earrings fit best on square shaped faces. It gives a more definition to the cheekbones & jaw line. Hoops are perfect for a square shaped face. You can give an extra effect by trying extra large sized hooped earrings that extend the jaw line. But wide earrings are not for women with a square shaped face.

  • Diamond Shaped Faces– If you have a diamond shaped face, you can try both danglers or hoop with long & elegant curves. Small diamond or pearl studs also look perfect on this type of face cut but you should avoid large earrings with a diamond shape. It presents your cheek bone in a sharp style which doesn’t looks good.

Earrings are a major accessory which anyone can easily opt according to their budget & needs. But you should carry only the accessories matching perfectly with your style. Choosing a perfect jewelery will show up your natural face shape highlighting your beauty more.


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