Selecting a Promise Ring for Your Partner


A Promise ring is the pre-engagement ring which symbolizes love & a kind of pure, eternal promise. Almost always, promise ring is exchanged between youngsters & loved ones. Although, there can be many reasons of buying a promise ring but there are some factors to be consider while purchasing it.

  • Selecting the right metal- While planning to buy a promise ring, it is very important to pick the right type of metal. Usually, a ring is generally purchased in silver metal which also looks beautiful & affordable. But if it is to be purchased for a male partner then tungsten or stainless steel are very good choices.

  • Plan a budget- This is the most important factor to consider. Generally promise rings are not as expensive as engagement & wedding rings. You can select a metal according to your planned budget. Silver or stainless steel rings are good, affordable options!

  • Decide upon the gem stone- Diamonds are the most popular gems stone choices for promise rings but ruby and emerald have also become very popular now a days. A round diamond or princess cut is perfect for promise rings. You can also select stones according to the personality and style of your partner. A birthstone can be a great choice.

  • Design of the ring- It is a very important factor while buying a promise ring. Design of the promise ring is mostly simple and small like simple metal bands. It is not as sparky as an engagement ring but you can buy a stylish ring depending upon the choice of your partner.

  • Purchase from a local store- A Promise ring is not as expensive as a wedding or engagement ring, so it doesn’t needs a deep investigation about the prices. You can select some local stores and compare the jewelry that seems to be best suitable for your partner. You can also check out any on-line retailers offering the best affordable prices for promise rings.


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