Leading Methods to Stop Water Hammering

You would certainly be stunned at how common issue has drinking water hammering become. In fact, many house owners encounter this at least once in their lifetime. But the question is how we can stop hydraulic shock if we are encountering this problem? It’s not so difficult to fix this problem but fixing this plumbing problem will require other person (may be an expert) to help you in the process. Following are some of the steps you can thought upon to uproot the problem from your houses:

water hammering

Locate the Source: You have to locate the source of the water hammering by following the hammering sound until you found out the source. For this, you need a friend of yours who can turn the water off and on while you are following the sound. These problems can be found out easily in the pipes which are under your house, mostly detected in basements.

Check the Pipe: After you found out the source of the hammering, you need to check the loose pipes and tight them as much as possible. The best way to do so is creating a cushion between the walls and the pipes by using some plumber’s tape. After this, you have to check once again if the hammering has gone away or still persisting.

Draining of the Air: After following the above steps, if the problem still persists then you need to check the air chambers inside the pipe system. Air Chambers are short pieces of vertical pipes that have a bit of air trapped between them. So, all you need to do is, first shut off the water from the system then start draining water from the system from the lowest point in the building.

Check out the water pressure: High water pressure is another common cause of water hammering. Generally the water pressure for homes should be set at 80 PSI (Pound per Square Inch) and if it is above this figure then your regulator is faulty. These types of regulators should possibly be changed by a licensed plumber to ensure security.

Replace faulty Air chamber: Finally, if all the above steps are turned out to be alright then you are really left with only one option that is you need to replace the faulty air chamber. This is the last option because in this process the wall is to be opened up.


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