How to choose best diamond for you?

Diamond rings

With such a large variety of diamonds to choose from, finding the right jwellery for you is really a challenging job & interestingly, getting a right piece of diamond is more convenient via an online jewellery store than roaming around in markets in search of the best suitable piece. While looking for the diamond, take into account the subsequent small stage guides for selecting a diamond. Everyone’s diamond search is exclusive, however you’ll find these guides useful when searching for the first time.

  • Determine shape of the diamond as demanded by the recipient. If you are able to do this, then go on for princess cut or round shape.

  • Set a carat weight minimum as desired for the recipient’s preferences. If they demand a 1 carat diamond, even the foremost lovely half carat stone will have to be ignored.

  • Choose with the very best quality and shape of diamond and minimum carat weight you have decided in the previous two steps and start creating concessions within the following order till you reach a diamond that suits your budget:

  1. Check out the clarity of diamond. Take a decision on the basis of the clarity target of your diamond.

  2. Next, lower the color. Check out the complete color guidance about your diamond.

  3. Finally, lower the Cut. Go as low as possible which is superb in case of spherical diamonds and sensible in fancy shapes before creating concessions in different areas.

  4. If the diamonds that match your revised criteria suits your budget then it is recommendable to consider about shaving off some carat weight so as to close the gap. A carat weight distinction of 100 % or less is terribly tough to notice visually.

  • After considering all the above points, if you are still in the pressure of your low budget problem, you should again follow the criteria as discussed below.

  1. To reduce the budget-line, decrease clarity of your diamond.

  2. Cut back the color of diamond.

  3. Finally, reduce the cut.

Always buy a diamond which has been certified by a reputed lab. Certificate created by the retailer itself is not so reliable & so it is suggested to not give a much weightage to it. It is best to keep your certificate safe as it will be invaluable in case of loss, theft, trade or resale etc.


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