Defining the Right age of your child to visit a dentist

Thinking of taking your child to the dentist for his/ her first visit then you should take your child after his/her first birthday. This can be surprising for many parents as they think that it’s quite an early age for a dental visit. But according to many surveys, it has been discovered that most of the children having cavities are preschool-aged children.

emergency dentist

In order to prevent early aging cavity, it is good to first find out the child’s risk of developing these cavities. It is also required to learn about managing diet, hygiene and fluoride to prevent such kind of problems. Following queries should be cleared when you visit your infant’s dentist-

  • How to take care of child’s mouth

  • Proper use of fluoride

  • How to prevent common oral problems in your child like thumb sucking etc.

  • Proper combination regarding diet and oral health.

During the very first visit, your dentist will prepare a proper schedule for follow-up visits. The follow-up schedule usually depends on the risks and oral conditions of your child. As your child grows, your dentist will keep on changing the schedule.

Most of the dentists don’t find it comfortable to deal with an infant’s oral health as it involves more risks. You should choose the right dentist for your child depending on the following basis-

  • Consult your dentist regarding the right age for your child to visit a dentist.

  • Search for a good pediatric dentist who specializes in taking care of your young child.

  • Check out whether your child’s dentist is examining teeth, jaw, bites, gums and oral tissues to monitor their proper development.

The main purpose of making your child pay a visit to the dentist at the very first age is to learn about how to best take care of his/her oral health. There are many dental problems which can be easily prevented at an early age with a prior treatment & care. Moreover, it is good to know about the oral problems so as to prevent their development further into cavities. It’s recommendable to follow the below guidelines-

  • The dentist should be parent and child friendly.

  • He should be knowledgeable about the infant’s oral health.

  • He should provide regular advice regarding your child’s oral health.

  • He should focus on your child’s needs.

While considering any dentist, make sure that all your questions/queries should be answered properly regarding your child’s oral health. You must have a proper knowledge about what you and your dentist can do for your toddler’s best oral health.


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